Ferryboat excursion along the river Tagliamento

Ferryboat excursion along the river Tagliamento

Ferryboat excursion along the river Tagliamento between Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia

The Tagliamento river is an endless succession of breath-taking views over wild landscapes, spanning from the fertile soil of the colourful countryside surrounding Bibione to the spectacular lagoon, flowing on through the fragrant smell of the willow trees, where everything is peaceful and quiet. Tagliamento is the undisputed king among Friulian rivers. Peaceful yet majestic, from its banks to the bridges crossing it, it is a quiet companion for all those venturing into the wild. It is one of the few European rivers to naturally flow within its own riverbed. Up north, it is gravelly and impetuous, while in the south it becomes more gentle and placid, as it gets ready to meet our beloved Adriatic sea at the river mouth.

Our boat trip starts right at the southern part, where you will board the impressive “Emerald River”: drawing its name from the characteristic greenish colour of the river’s waters, this ferryboat measures 40 m x 10 m and is divided into three levels, two below deck and one hosting the promenade and café.

Every Wednesday at 11.00 at the Marina Azzurra Resort you can set sail for an excursion of approximately 2 and a half hours on board of the ferry Emerald River. During the excursion you will be able to admire the Tagliamento river in a completely new way, sailing the river up to the height of Pertegada and then reaching its mouth admiring the beaches of Bibione and Lignano from a different perspective.
During the excursion you will be entertained by a pleasant background music and you will taste a delicious dish of pasta with seafood. Bar service is available for guests all day long.


adults € 28.00 | children 4-12 € 18.00 | childre 0-3 free

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