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Motor boat Costa Adriatica

La Motonave Costa Adriatica


Length mt. 28,60

Width mt. 7,10

Course 250 momentary

Motorization Carterpillar 2×1350 HP 2 generating

Radar I fathom GPS / Plotter WHF SSB Autopilot

Enrolled in the RRs. MM. NN. AND GG. of circomare Caorle to the n. 3 YOU 924.

Class Rina4. 100 – to – 1.1 TPs; Nav. 54.

The motor boat is equipped for entertaining: marriages; refreshments; scholastic trips; parties, or any other special recurrence being provided of kitchen, frigobar and of an ample saloon with plant stereo Tv and video. The participants are entirely insured against every risk of trip. The assistance on board it is insured from our personnel: captain and sailors. The earth connection is insured in every moment street-radio.The captain, for the safety of the navigation can take in any moment the decisions that he judges opportune and he doesn’t answer of the objects lost on board.